Cosmetic Mole Removal

Cosmetic Mole Removal

Cosmetic Mole removal is an electrosurgical procedure designed to remove benign (non cancerous) moles. These moles are a cosmetic nuisance and may be irritating on the skin. The procedure is done under local anesthetic, and the optimuml treatment method is selected to minimise any visible scarring.

Which Moles can be treated?

Any raised benign moles may be suitable for this treatment. These include hairy moles, dermal (non pigmented) moles, raised birthmarks, seborrheic keratoses (“senile warts”) and pigmented moles. Moles will be professionally assessed to determine whether a Cosmetic Mole Removal will be a suitable treatment option

What does the Treatment Involve? 

Cosmetic Mole removal is usually a combined surgical and radiosurgery procedure . Firstly local anaesthetic is applied to the immediate area. Then the bulk of the lesion is shaved flat using a technique known as shave biopsy. Finally an electrosurgical diathermy is used to coagulate and resurface the area. There is little aftercare required, and you can resume your normal activities immediately afterwards. Wounds are usually dressed with Vaseline which can be continued for a week. Optimum healing is evident over several months. Some moles are best treated by excision with narrow margins.

Limitations of Treatment

These limitations arise from the fact that the mole is shaved and electrosurgically flattened rather than cut out and sutured. Hence the deep parts of the mole can remain in the skin. The mole can occasionally recur (grow back). Pigmented raised moles may be simply converted to flat pigmented lesions if the pigment extends deep into the skin. In other words it will be flat but still visible. Finally, as with any skin procedure, a small flat very pale scar may result.

Your Assessment

It is important that your moles are assessed by a doctor with suitable expertise. A Skin Cancer check is part of this assessment. Please note that any lesion that the doctor suspects of having cancerous potential is not suitable for this treatment and is more appropriately dealt with by surgical excision


Please see our reception staff for information on the cost of Cosmetic Mole Removal. A medicare rebate is usually not claimable for cosmetic procedures.