Company Skin Checks

Our Doctors here at Bunbury Skin Cancer Clinic offer bulk skin checks for your company, Ensure the safety of your staff by having us visit your company and conduct annual skin checks.

As a general guide, our Doctors go out to site and see approximately 12 people per hour. This number would also be the minimum needed for us to conduct a visit to your company.
The Doctors use specialised examination lights and hand held dermatoscopes for the examinations. Written reports are issued to those with significant abnormalities to take to their regular G.P.
On examination, skin cancers may be found on areas not normally exposed to the sun. We do ask that the assisting company nurse/coordinator please advise each patient that the skin cancer check will involve undressing to their underwear. It is also a requirement that patients are asked to remove all make-up including nail varnish prior to examination, as this may mask early detection of skin cancer such as melanoma under nails. Soles of the feet need to be examined without socks or stockings.
Working closely with clients in the corporate, mining, government and construction trade industries, Bunbury Skin Cancer Clinic knows exactly what is required to deliver efficient and accurate skin cancer screenings with minimal disruption to your business.
The Doctor will routinely displace underwear briefly, to inspect breast, buttocks or lower abdominal skin without fully removing the garments.
The skin cancer examination will not routinely include examination of the genital or nipple area. If you have a lesion that you are concerned about in these areas or if you wish to have these areas examined please ask the doctor during your examination.
During routine skin screening, on average one in eight (8) adult workers will be found to have a minor skin cancer and one in one hundred (100) can be expected to be diagnosed with melanoma.
Skin cancer screenings performed on-site by our practitioners have been responsible for identifying hundreds of skin cancers of which several were life threatening.

Skin cancer screenings are an important part of every organisations OHS program.

For skin checks to be conducted inside or outside of the Bunbury area you will need to contact Bec at the office on 97911655 Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday alternatively you may send Bec an email at the address below

Please contact for further information and for bookings..

Please note: with corporate skin cancer screenings, the results of your individual screening will remain confidential and will not be shared with your company.