What to Expect

Early detection is critical! Around 95% of skin cancers can be successfully treated if they are found early.

However, if left untreated skin cancer can cause severe damage and can be deadly.

Health professionals highly recommend a skin cancer check at least once a year.

As melanomas and other skin cancers can develop anywhere on the body where there is skin, a full body screening is highly recommended. Your practitioner will ask you to dress down to your underwear and to take off your shoes and socks. Should you prefer you may also wear bathers, boxer shorts, or a crop top.

At the Bunbury Skin Cancer Clinic our aim is to offer our patients a service of excellence, yet one that is affordable.

All of our Doctors have a background in general practice but have a special interest in skin cancer management and have appropriate further training in the surgical and non-surgical management of skin cancers.

The Doctors at the Bunbury Skin Cancer Clinic actively strive to remain on the cutting edge of our discipline and regularly attend conferences and meetings to discuss the latest developments in the field of skin cancer management. We are always learning!

We do not hurry our consultations. A full 15 minutes is allocated to allow for the conduct of a thorough skin check, discussion of findings and planning appropriate management.

Dermatoscopes are used routinely in all skin examinations and when deemed appropriate, digital photography is utilized to incorporate an image of suspect moles into the patient record.

Our professional rooms are purpose designed to facilitate the examination of skin under good light and in privacy and our on-site operating room is stocked with modern equipment and high quality materials. We do not compromise on quality care!

Utilizing this equipment we are able to offer:

  • On-site surgery when required.
  • Removal of spider veins / telangiectasias on the face and chest.
  • No-cut mole removal (for benign moles).
  • PDT – this is an exciting new technology that we use at our clinic as a superior alternative to the traditional treatments of solar keratosis (pre cancers) and also for treating photo aged skin (fine wrinkles, sallow complexion, pigment changes and telangiectasias on burst blood vessels).

Don’t wait until it’s too late! If you are seeking a skin cancer check look no further than the Bunbury Skin Cancer Clinic, call our friendly and helpful reception staff today to make an appointment with one of our doctors. (08) 97911655.

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